Monday, 19 August 2013

Happy 68th Anniversary, my dear country Indonesia!

Hi Guys!
Here I come back to blog! :D

Believe it or not, now I'm in USA. No, I'm not kidding. Yes, I'm in USA.
I live in a small town, Dinuba in California state for a year, starting 5 August 2013.
All thanks to scholarship from AFS-YES funded by U.S. Department of State.

All those events I usually celebrate in Indonesia, usually I don't really pay attention and take it for granted, now I know that it can't be like that when you're living in another country.
Yesterday was 68th of HUT RI, but I can't even celebrate it by doing ceremony or anything. I just sang Indonesia Raya all by myself since nobody here knows Bahasa Indonesia neither Indonesia's national anthem.

For you all youngs in Indonesia, be proud! Be grateful you're living in Indonesia. you're able to celebrate your country's anniversary, don't take those for granted, love Indonesia from the bottom of your heart.

Happy 68th Anniversary, Indonesia!

LovaPeace :*