Wednesday, 13 November 2013

it WAS a dream

Hi fellas!
Finally I got to write again. It's been awhile, huh?
I remembered back then when I was child, I used to play this game, I forgot the name of the game, I think its kinda like the detective game when you search some stuffs listed in the list in a picture. The setting of this game was in San Francisco. All over San Francisco. At that time, I really want to go to San Francisco and see Golden Gate Bridge, but somehow I know its kinda impossible to do that because I don't know a thing about how far my country from USA is. But I still want to, and I guess I didn't give up on that dream.
Last weekend, I was in San Francisco, my host dad took me there for a vacation, and...

I walked down Lombard Street (with all of those crazy up-down hills thingy).
It's not a dream anymore.
I've been there.

me and my host sister at Golden Gate Bridge
LovaPeace :*