Saturday, 30 October 2010

#3. Usui Takumi

konbanwa minna-saaan :)
it's quite a while, and i miiiiissss you soooo :*
i enjoyed my school life, but i also cant wait for meet with another blogger here :)

and, I cant wait to continue my "handsome guy" project! kekekekekeke :D (evilsmirk)
well, ini dia yang akan muncul sebagai penampil ketiga dalam proyek saya ini :)

USUI TAKUMI : the most perfect boy I ever meet (in this case, read)
he was soooo cool, smart, and gorgeous. such a mysterious guy. first I know about him, I think he's not human, but now, I know that he's a butler. as a butler, he very, very, very, perfectionist.
maybe that's why he likes Misaki Ayuzawa.
Usui always protect Misaki ALL THE TIME. makes me want to be protected by him >.<

he has such a fool face like this, but...

his real face makes me feel like i'm melting...

his baby face... so cuteeee >< and so cool --'

and I like when he comb his hair with his finger

his "butler" face

they're lovey dovey, huh? ;)


  1. hahaii, dasar aya, kamu bisa buat cewek2 yang liat ini jadi gila ayaaaa!! (like me)

  2. hahhaha....
    saya pecinta Kaichou Wa Maid sama.
    Ada season 2 gak.???
    saya Gak puas sama akhir cerita. hahahah(indonesian)

    hahhaha ....
    I Kaichou Wa Maid lovers alike.
    There is a Season 2 not.?
    I'm not satisfied at the end of the story. hahahah(english)

  3. kalo yang animenya emang nanggung banget, tapi komiknya masih jalan terus :D


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