Thursday, 5 May 2011

Playing Truant

hello everyone :)
pleased to meet you again today.
now, Guess what?! I'm playing truant! huahahahahaha :D that's rather unbelievable even to myself, because, I'm not a bad student, I think. I never do something to break the rules on purpose. But, come to think of it, The National Exam is over, and here, there's a flood because of heavy rain. And my pick-up-car didn't pick me up this morning. So then I decided to not going to school today. And furthermore,  there's nothing important at school. The only thing to do at school is preparing for RSBI Examination, I and my friends of mine agreed that's not as important as national exam. So, the thing to do is spend more time with friends because we have to separate (maybe) because of school. We're not going to the same school once we get to high school right? Treasure the memory is also important right now.
Nah, now, I'm posting in my father office. How could? As I said earlier, there's flood and heavy rain. My lil'bro and sis now are in the school. My mom didn't want me to stay alone at home, because there's a kind of meeting in office, my mom has to go here. And I was forced to follow her here.
Okay well, I have to walk around and greet all guest that came to my blog. I'll meet you on my next post!

LovaPeace :*

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