Saturday, 1 January 2011

Rencana Jangka Pendek, rencana terbaru di tahun 2011 !

It's a new year. I'm happy, although I'm little surprised.
The last year passed very quickly.
I start to wonder,
am I do something usefull during the last year? I don't think so.
And yet, I can't turn back the time.
and right now, I will make a decision.
I MUST do something usefull, for me, for my parents, and for people arround me.

maybe I have to write down a list?
if that so, alright.

1. I MUST pass the national exam with satisfy value, no matter what!
2. going to favorite Senior High School [that I want]
3. I have to be a discipline if I want to success in future

yeah, I don't want to force my self, because, I don't want get the bad result. Since I've made such a "resolution", I have to fulfill it.

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