Friday, 21 December 2012

Random Story of Love

WARNING! This post contains "GOMBAL" materials.

One day, there were a girl and a boy sitting together on the bench.
The girl asked the boy...
"Am I pretty?"
The boy answered, "No."
She asked again, "Am I fat? Am I big?"
And the boy answered, "Yes, of course."
She still asked him,
"Do you want to be with me forever?"
And again, the boy answered, "No."
Started to angry, she asked one more question,
"Would you cry if I leave you?"
And the boy answered,

The girl had heard too much, she really angry and then she walked away.
But the boy grabbed her arm and said...

"You're not pretty. You're beautiful."
"You're fat? You're big? The only thing is fat or big of you, is your heart."
"I don't want to be with you forever. I need to be with you forever."
"Will I cry if you leave me? No, I won't. If you leave me, I would die."


LovaPeace :*


  1. really pretty story:)X


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