Wednesday, 23 June 2010

World Cup fever

World Cup fever sweeping the world!
think, which country would be the winner? hahaha
The World Cup is very fantastic, people who previously did not really like football (like me for example), could turn around like it.
this year, World Cup held in Africa.
currently ongoing play-offs. I wondered who would qualify for the next round. well, we'll see!
but, no matter is being hosted World Cup, we should not forget health care. if the World Cup is underway, most often the case that lack of sleep.
not even bad, if at the time the World Cup finals even stay in the hospital because of lack of sleep? very very unpleasant, is not it?
Therefore, let us take care of health during the World Cup so we can watching the World Cup with fun! hahaha
Let's support fairplay during World Cup!
see you later, hope that you support the state can succeed in the World Cup!


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